Student Blogging Challenge Week 5 – Food Waste

Would you like to reduce food waste?

Alternatives to reduce food waste include:

  • Make a new food creation
  • Compost, make a worm farm or feed the chickens
  • Have it as a meal the next day
  • Freeze it
  • Donate your surplus food to a food charity
  • When shopping make sure you stick to your list!


Do you like cooking?

Try using your leftover food to make something new.

Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash


What do you do with your leftover food?

Try placing food scraps in the:

– compost bin
– worm farm
– feed to chickens

This helps prevent terrible gas omissions damaging the environment.

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Why not freeze it?

Place old, soft, soggy and surplus fruit, veg and herbs in the freezer. Then simply add it to smoothies and muffins at a later stage.

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Are you tired of having sandwiches each day?

Place your leftover dinner in a jar or container and enjoy the next day.

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Have you ever thought about donating surplus (extra) food to charity?

Find a local charity that helps collect surplus food to donate.

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What is ugly fruit and veg?

Ugly fruit and vegetables are delicious produce that tastes exactly the same as other fruit and veg, it just looks a bit different!

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9 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Week 5 – Food Waste

  1. I see you like to save and reuse things. My mom and sister have been cutting and freezing fruit for their smoothies. They are doing this because all stores are sold out od frozen fruit. What do you use with the fruits and vegetables you freeze

    • Hello Seth,
      Thank you for your kind feedback.
      It is great that your family are freezing fruit!
      I like to add my frozen fruit to smoothies and muffins.
      Stay safe.
      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Lily,
    Your list of suggestions is well-written and accessible for many folks. The photos and white space you included make the post visually appealing too.
    My kids love smoothies and also use frozen fruit to make them daily. Do you have a favorite type of fruit to use in a smoothie?
    I also like your think pink colors. They are fun and soothing.
    Keep bloggin!
    Mrs. Doran
    #STUBC commenter
    Cave Creek, Arizona, USA

    • Hello Mrs Doran,
      Thank you very much for your constructive feedback.
      My favourite fruits to put in smoothies are berries and bananas!
      Stay safe.
      Kind regards,


  3. Hi Lily!

    This post was extremely well thought out and very helpful to me and probably others too. Congrats for your SBC mention for this post! You are such creative with your ideas! Well done!


    • Hi Steph,

      Thank you very much for your kind feedback!
      Well done on your blog mention in the Student Blogging Challenge too, your blog is great!
      Kind regards,


  4. Hi Lily,
    What a fabulous post! This was very well thought out and elaborated, I’ve learnt a lot about how to help reduce food waste. I’m also from Australia and posted something about food waste as well, so come and check it out at
    What are some foods that you recommend cooking from reused/leftover products?

    Once again great job.
    -TongDaGreat (summersummo)

    • Hello TongDaGreat,
      Thank you for your feedback!
      I value how creative and detailed your amazing blog is, well done!

      Some recipes I recommend using leftover products are:
      – Banana bread or cake, made from over ripe bananas.
      – Vegetable fried rice, you can use any veggies that you have.
      – French toast, made from bread. There are many different recipes using different types of bread.

      Stay safe.
      Thanks again,


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